Fireside Chats.

DFOF has been silent. But a travesty has driven him to return to wordpress, and press a word or two.

Fireside chats.

A fine idea in theory. One takes two or perhaps three important people, and places them on comfortable seating upon a stage, where they have polite discourse, watched by an audience,  and recorded in full HD for those that were unable to feel the warm glow of the event.

The history of the fireside chat is long, stretching back to the first evening after the discovery of fire. However the term was made popular by FD Rooseveldt, who held 30 evening radio broadcasts between 1933 and 1944.  His banking chat is really rather good but  DFOF digresses.

Fireside chats almost always involve slouching and the unfortunate exposure of too much sock or hairy ankle.  Sometimes bar stools are used instead of cheap copies of Le Corbusier’s iconic Bauhaus sofa. This has the advantage of keeping all the speakers awake.

DFOF has heard that there is a programme on television called “big brother.”  From what he can deduce the fireside chat seems remarkably similar.  For those who watch British television, the Royale Family is apposite too.

DFOFs biggest criticism though, is that there is no fireplace.

DFOF implores that we find an alternative name for the VCs on the couch, but in the meantime all men invited to fireside chats are kindly reminded to wear matching socks, preferably of an appropriate length. Even though the thoughts and minds of venture capitalists may be riveting viewing, their ankles bring little to the party. Sitting up straight would add to the aesthetic, but that is perhaps setting the bar too high.

DFOF will leave female attire advice to his incomparable  co-correspondents.


The bow tie infusion

DFOF has been silent for some time. But a seismic event means that a post is mandatory.

Jason Corsello, HR technology expert and all round good fellow, donned a bow tie and wowed the crowds at the KI forum at the Chicago University Business School.  HR VPs were lining up for his autograph, several swooned.  DFOF managed to catch him for a photo.



DFOF notes that the bow tie should only be a tie yourself bow tie. A clip-on bow tie is resident evil. Jason used youtube to teach himself how to do the knot, social software in action.




The slightly eccentric knot adds to the charm. DFOF trusts that Jason will add to his collection. 

DFOF has written extensively about the bow-tie, but seeing it in practice is far better.

New blogger on the scene

I’m happy to share a new blog with my TalentedApps and DFoF friends.

My girlfriend Heather has started a fashion blog (I must say this is probably more for the girls…).

As has been well reported, in my world it takes a village and Fashion is one of the first areas that I’m always looking for help.  Heather has taken her advice to the inter-tubes offering great and practical tips to others.

I love her mission

High-heel wearing California Native who solemnly swears to make it her mission to find you something to wear that will earn you a compliMINT (or four).

I, for one, am a big fan of a compliment.

So, if you are interested in broadening out your blogroll consider giving Stylishmint a look.  You never know, you might learn something new and who doesn’t love that?

Recently on one of my travels while I was waiting at the gate for my flight home from Stockholm, this guy sat down opposite me. There was something about him which made me look up. A nerdy coolness. Geeky perfectionism if there is such a thing in fashion. (Or maybe it was just the red socks?)

His second hand or well used red leather attache with matching red socks.
The horn rimmed glasses.
The knitwear with the suit.
The suit jacket which was longer than the winter jacket he was wearing.
The colour of the winter jacket which wasn’t perfectly matching that of the suit or the sweater.
When he pulled out a 13,3″ MBP, I was in love.

I still cannot make up my mind if this is something he put together effortlessly, having done it like that his whole life, or if he actually spends time putting together a look. Wish I had gone over and talked to him, instead of just secretly shooting a picture with my iPhone.

DFOF is mildly irked

That he and his able band of geek  experts weren’t invited to cover the Crunchies from a fashion perspective. Perhaps we are too incisive, cutting edge and critical for the soft underbelly of silicon valley fashion? Last year we labelled it a sartorial wilderness.  Based on a browse through flickr, we see little evidence of improvement this year. A spotted waistcoat was about it. And when a Microsoft executive looks positively dapper then these are indeed trying times.


image   Even though Hugh wasn’t there, and this cartoon was drawn before the event, he managed to capture its essence. That is genius. We note that in true 2.0 style some folks have a business doing a geek fashion blog combined with some sort of online shop thingy. It is called hiscatalog.com DFOF wishes them luck.  They have written very kind things about the award winners in the hope that people will click on the pictures and buy the clothes.

Best Dressed at Le Web

Marissa Mayer from Google gets the vote for me. Black, grey and grey combo whilst Loic went for the velvet jacket approach. Most of us were wearing overcoats, scarves and anything than offered warmth in the cavernous ex morgue.

David Galbraith’s post at GigaOm captured the mood and fashion nicely – lots of French folks taking inspiration from Zoolander for their outfits.

photo credit xtof

Microsoft and fashion

Occasional DFOF contributor Steve Clayton alerted us to the Microsoft foray into apparel, and it has been covered by the broader fashion blogosphere. and tech types too.

DFOF supposes that if Camel and Caterpillar can be used to sell clothing, then why not other brands? There are enough geeks out there would would like to own t-shirts with DOS on them. DFOF can think of several of his friends who would love one. 



Microsoft is having some fun with this.


DFOF reckons that Microsoft would be best keeping this to tee-shirts. The brand would be a flop in the undergarment department.