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DFOF, like most people in the software industry it seems, reads Hugh’s  Gapingvoid. Hugh currently resides in West Texas. You may be relieved to know that this post will not discuss how one should dress in Alpine Texas. DFOF would not dare to discuss Texan fashions, as that is not in his research area.

One of Hugh’s real life friends (so more than a mere follower) is Thomas Mahon. He is a tailor who blogs. He makes bespoke suits. One day DFOF hopes to own a Mahon suit. In the meantime, DFOF must be content merely to read his blog.  This video is well worth a watch.

Thomas  and Hugh are friends with JP, whose blog, Confused of Calcutta, all people in the software industry should read. It will make you smarter, and you will also learn about cricket. JP picked up on the Advertising standards authority’s decision to water down the meaning of the word bespoke. Nasty stuff this, JP covers it well. 

Moving on to the shirt.

Thomas used to have a line in shirts too, but the suit business is so busy that he hasn’t got the time to focus on shirts. All is not lost, as he says on his blog:

As you know, I always like to keep an eye on wonderful products made here in the UK , and recently I found this super little business called “The White Shirt Company” It’s an unusual concept, but it’s one that makes good sense. Lola Cashman is a little fanatical about the virtues of a crisp, beautifully made white shirt. This is, of course, very understandable because it is a classic that never dates or fails to make you feel brand new in the morning. Lola has them made here in the UK and amazes me how far she goes to look after her clients.

All the details regarding materials and workmanship are all you’d expect on the finest of English shirts. The beauty is that they’re ready to order online and you can be wearing one of these in a couple of days, or even in three hours if you’re in central London. She does offer made-to-measure, and she’ll also alter stock sizes for you. So all-in-all it’s a very nice service. I know this because I wear some of Lola’s shirts myself and they’re what they say they are. They also supply this little gem, what a super idea.

It seems an odd concept to only supply white shirts, but it is also so refreshing that someone wants to specialise and do it so well. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed by the product or the service.

DFOF has discussed the white shirt before, but good things are worth repeating. If in doubt, go with a white shirt.


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