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Wallace and Gromit styleee

[images from Daily Mail]

I just posted this over on my own blog but though it deserved to be posted here too.

Last week Harvey Nichols brought Sir Paul Smith and Nick Park together to get Wallace and Gromit togged out to promote their new store in Bristol. I picked this up via the The Daily Mail Online and love the advert above with Wallace and Gromit resplendent in their Paul Smith kit. You can also check out Lady Campanula Tottington from Curse Of The Were-Rabbit in a “black draped dress by Alexander McQueen, fabulous red patent shoes by Christian Louboutin and a metallic bronze ‘Puffy’ bag by Zagliani”. Marvelous daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahling. A second photo of the dynamic duo shows them pictured for the campaign sporting Ray Bans, Alexander McQueen navy cashmere and silk suit along with a Dolce & Gabbana fitted white shirt and a Giorgio Armani tie.

For the curious, you can enjoy some multimedia by watching how the adverts were made


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What I want…

Sung to the tune of Cake’s Short Skirt/Long Jacket


I want a guy with
a brain from Chicago
I want a guy who
knows all the answers

I want a guy with
black Velcro Pumas
and eyes that seek 
like guided missiles

I want a guy with
the right left leanings
who’s slow and deliberate
and hot as Sriracha
He’s checking
his Piaget
He’s smoothing the creases
He’s checking the layout
and lining up funds

I want a guy with black jeans
And a white shirt

I want a guy who
wants to sleep in
I want a guy who
can wait up late
I want a guy
with found money
Who never speaks softly
when shouting will do

With hands that
press hard
And a timbre
that shakes me
He may be wrong
but I doubt it
He’s looking at numbers
And holding all calls

I want a guy with black jeans
And a very white shirt

I want a guy who’s
A real S.O.B.
I want a guy with
the tough-guy persona
At the gallery
we’ll pause simultaneously
when both of us like
the same Basquiat

He wants a bike
by Ducati
He wants wheels
that go
He’s writing acknowledgments
for his debut novel
He’s choosing who’ll come
to the party at Buddha

I want a guy with black jeans
And a very, very white shirt

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The King Of Fashion

Cornered Style with Don King from Pierce Jackson on Vimeo.

The Don talks fashion. Err, well, sort of….courtesy of Zandile Blay

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Simply Perfect


Mads Mikkelsen, the new villain from Casino Royale and Freddie Ljunberg

I think that I will never see a tree as lovely as a Scandinavian man.
I think most men will never be one who’ll sleep with girls like me.

So did you ever meet someone under intense conditions and everything clicks? It happens suddenly and you find yourself telling this person things that you’ve never told anyone else. And they start telling you the same kinds of things about themselves. And it goes on like this for hours and before you know it the following day is dawning. Heading home, with your panties in your purse, you realize that you know a lot of stories about this person.

But what do you really know?

Oh sure, he’s sexy, funny, and really sexy, too. But what about the deal-breaker stuff? What about the things you really need to know before this will ever happen again…

Does he drink his margaritas straight up?  With premium tequila? Does he like a a little salt on the rim?  Never Frozen!

And I like those longer Calvin Kleins, the boxer briefs, but only a certain kind of tall hot body can wear them, really. I’m ok with boxers, but white or blue or maybe checked, not starred or speckled or full of funny faces.

The beer, because beer is a necessity, can be domestic or imported, leaded or not, dark or lite, bottle or can, but must be beer not “near beer” because I don’t enjoy a drink with someone who can’t or won’t drink.  But no icky sticky red bull and vodka slop. That kind of sweet lips I don’t need

Does he vote? There’s only one party that rocks my world.

Does he wear a watch? On the left or right? Mechanical or quartz?  Can he tell time, be on time, does he have the time, does he time himself?

Does he have piercings? Like tequila shots – one is never enough but three is usually too many. Maybe more is getting beyond my ability to understand the motivation behind it and I worry he’ll want to borrow my silver hoops, since this is all I wear. Thank goodness I have no diamond studs he could steal and what’s up with those things that look like mini oreo cookies, one on each ear? He looks like the pygmies in National Geographic. Maybe I’m just too old for all this…

I like tattoos, although I can’t remember ever sleeping with one. Maybe in a dream, his name was Jack Sparrow and my name, Frankie, was right above his left nipple and when we split he changed it to Crankie.

Has he ever followed the Grateful Dead? A yes will probably be a deal breaker unless it was in his foolish youth but it probably means he had an intense relationship with weed and I’ve never been a fan of weed, I prefer to drink, tequila and rum and Negra Modelo, but nothing that makes my ears ring and my mouth dry and my brain feel drained of all common sense.

Cigarettes are ok, but I don’t smoke, never have, never will even though I’m a Gemini and that’s the sign of Mercury the messenger and the reason, I’ve been told, that I’m such a talker, and if I started smoking I probably could never stop and so I content myself with sucking on three venti vanilla lattes each day, chewing on the plastic lid each time I take a sip in order to satisfy my oral fixation.

What’s his position on the sideburn thing? I like a clean cut guy, it’s the way I was raised, with all those jocks, brothers that is, not athletic supporters, although I did have a crush on a Texas bluesy guitarist named Whitley, dirty long blonde hair like a heroin addict, which he was, but he quit and died of lung cancer instead.

Has he ever been out of this country? Does he have a valid passport? Can he take a plane by himself? Does he speak another language and I don’t mean using the word “fuck” as multiple parts of speech?

How many people does he support and is his mother one of them?

Has he ever read Shakespeare? Does he read at all besides the sports page? And a man who won’t watch a movie with subtitles is a small minded man. A man who won’t see a film in the theater is an even smaller minded man. It is probably true that there’s a whole generation that sees their movies on the small screen instead of the big one. And when a DVD is true to the format, does he know it’s not a technical difficulty?

Does he have a hair issue, that is, a lack of hair issue? Less is more in my book, as far as hair anywhere besides the top of his head.

But none of this matters, in the end, because the sexiest thing in the world is a big brain.

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Future’s so bright

Hello everyone, I’m Meg Bear, HCM applications technology geek who blogs over at TalentedApps with a group of my friends at Oracle.

I found myself publicly cursing my very fashionable Gucci sunglasses last week.   It was suggested, that I might log a guest post on DFOF about eyewear.  While I’m sure that this post wasn’t exactly what anyone was expecting, I decided I was game anyway.  Just to be sure, I re-read the about page and found this snippet

I’ve asked a few friends to take lots of photos of software types, be they geeks, suits, software celebs, multi-billionaires or wage slaves. We’ll post them on the blog, and sometimes pass a critical eye over the sartorial state of the software industry.

OK, if a critical eye on geeks of the software industry is the topic, then I am absolutely in the right ballpark for DFOF.  In the interest of full disclosure, I am on record as having no fashion sense.  I do, however, have fashionable people in my life, and so I outsource my fashion choices as much as possible.   I am also on record as being of the strong belief that eyewear is probably the most essential fashion component, especially for men.  If your eyewear is not current you just look old.  Sorry, it’s true.

As part of my eye exam I had my pupils dilated and I realized as I was attempting to drive to the office, that my fashionable sunglasses don’t actually do anything useful in the “protect my eyes from sun” department.  These glasses are exclusively a fashion accessory, purchased not for the love of fashion, but for the realization that these were glasses I should want to own.

Here is how I think I look in my fashionable sunglasses


And in fact here is how real tech geeks wear sunglasses. 

Yes, we do plan to stick with our day jobs. 

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Greetings – I’m Steve Clayton, author of the Geek in Disguise blog and I work for Microsoft – don’t hold it against me, I’m actually quite a nice bloke despite hailing from The Borg 🙂

On spotting a recent post I made about geek fashion for kids, Thomas invited me in to the DFOF fold to post here. So here I am and here it is….


Back when I was at school I was regularly questioned about my interpretation of the school dress code – I don’t mean I wore a dress but I never thought Farah trousers were outside “the code”. The code as I soon worked out basically meant you had to buy your fire hazard gear all from the same shop where I assume someone was making a nice wedge.

Things have moved on from those heady days at Wirral Grammar School though and now the erstwhile retailer Marks and Spencer has released a line of school wear that is “cleverly designed to securely contain iPod’s and neatly conceal wires for music on the move".

This will be a huge hit as schools will immediately move to ban it and therefore kids will love it. Genius.

Check out their rockin range

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One of these folks just doesn’t belong.  Can you guess which one is not like the others?  If you’re wrong you end up spending time trying to work in the Big 4 rather than pursing an exciting career as a blogger, professor, speaker, and Rottweiler caregiver.

I thought I would show you all a few pics of the successful Big 4 women that have been featured on my blog.

And then there’s me.  Or at least a reasonable likeness of me. If I were 20 years younger.  And French.  And an international film and recording artist and daughter of a jet-set couple.  But you get the idea.  I didn’t fit.  In the only photo I do use on Twitter, Facebook, and a couple other obscure places, I am wearing Persol large tortoise sunglasses and a black Issey Miyake blouse.  I had on my Christian Louboutin black stiletto slingbacks with black Dolce and Gabbana slacks that day, even though you can’t see them in the picture.  I’m posed in a comfy chair in a Starbucks in Chicago.  With a four-shot venti vanilla latte, whole milk. During the day.  That’s me.  That’s not Big 4 material.  

But these ladies are.  

All except my alter ego, Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Rock on.


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