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Fireside Chats.

DFOF has been silent. But a travesty has driven him to return to wordpress, and press a word or two.

Fireside chats.

A fine idea in theory. One takes two or perhaps three important people, and places them on comfortable seating upon a stage, where they have polite discourse, watched by an audience,  and recorded in full HD for those that were unable to feel the warm glow of the event.

The history of the fireside chat is long, stretching back to the first evening after the discovery of fire. However the term was made popular by FD Rooseveldt, who held 30 evening radio broadcasts between 1933 and 1944.  His banking chat is really rather good but  DFOF digresses.

Fireside chats almost always involve slouching and the unfortunate exposure of too much sock or hairy ankle.  Sometimes bar stools are used instead of cheap copies of Le Corbusier’s iconic Bauhaus sofa. This has the advantage of keeping all the speakers awake.

DFOF has heard that there is a programme on television called “big brother.”  From what he can deduce the fireside chat seems remarkably similar.  For those who watch British television, the Royale Family is apposite too.

DFOFs biggest criticism though, is that there is no fireplace.

DFOF implores that we find an alternative name for the VCs on the couch, but in the meantime all men invited to fireside chats are kindly reminded to wear matching socks, preferably of an appropriate length. Even though the thoughts and minds of venture capitalists may be riveting viewing, their ankles bring little to the party. Sitting up straight would add to the aesthetic, but that is perhaps setting the bar too high.

DFOF will leave female attire advice to his incomparable  co-correspondents.



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