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DFOF is mildly irked

That he and his able band of geek  experts weren’t invited to cover the Crunchies from a fashion perspective. Perhaps we are too incisive, cutting edge and critical for the soft underbelly of silicon valley fashion? Last year we labelled it a sartorial wilderness.  Based on a browse through flickr, we see little evidence of improvement this year. A spotted waistcoat was about it. And when a Microsoft executive looks positively dapper then these are indeed trying times.


image   Even though Hugh wasn’t there, and this cartoon was drawn before the event, he managed to capture its essence. That is genius. We note that in true 2.0 style some folks have a business doing a geek fashion blog combined with some sort of online shop thingy. It is called hiscatalog.com DFOF wishes them luck.  They have written very kind things about the award winners in the hope that people will click on the pictures and buy the clothes.


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The Hoodie Sports Jacket

Here at dfof, while your present author may go on long sojourns and not post, we’re always looking for a way to signal that (a.) we’re dressing nicely, and deserve your attention and high pay, but, (b.) we’re not just another ‘burbs zombie in a pale blue dress shirt and kahkis.

I always feel like women have an unfair advantage here. Maybe it’s just because I’m an admirer of women, as it were, but they look good wearing just about anything. Men are left with pants and jackets. Boring.

So, it was with much excitement that I looked over at lunch today and saw friend of RedMonk James Ward rockin’ the below:

James rocks the hoodie blazer

“Golly, Johnson! Who invited this Slim Shady fella into tell us how to up our business productivity?! Send him out! Detroit doesn’t know anything about widget line optimization!”

So, our hood-popped friend leaves, and walks back in thus:

James rocks the hoodie blazer

“Sweet paradign re-alignment, Johnson! I had no idea. This guy looks like he knows ‘what up,’ and he has his ear to the – uh…uh…what’s it called?” “I believe you mean ‘the street,’ sir.” “That’s it Johnson. Tell the boy to put the PowerPoint up. Let’s synergize!”

I neglected to ask Mme Ward where he picked up this gem, but I shall enquire later tonight so’s I may acquire one of my own.

Synergize ho!

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Tie Time!

The good man Thomas has seen fit to add me to the “editorial team” here, as he likes to call it. Like that old fool Socrates, my first confession must be, “oh, dear Agora of fashion, I know nothing of fashion.”

In this case, it’s true. It’s only in the last 6 months that I can tie a tie unaided. Seriously.

Until very recently, I was what you might call a victim of spending my Friday nights editing .ini files instead of scheming how to further The Man agenda with The Ladies. That is, I was a severe geek.

Of late — over the past 5-6 years — my dear wife has done much to reform me. Not having any inner gauge of fashion, I have no idea what the progress is. Sansei The Wife seems to find new things frequently.

That said, I can proffer several tips and learning that have been passed down to me. And, I enjoy being snarky, which seems to fit around these parts.

Top of my mind at the moment are two things:

  1. Halloween! Coming fast is Halloween. As geek adults, you know what this means:

    That’s right: you’ll eventually have to come up with some costume to wear. I had a bit of a Halloween costume tragedy a few years ago when I couldn’t find gray hair color and thought silver would do. The result was a robo-Hemmingway look. Yow!

    The question here is balancing that fine line between “yeah, I know how to install anti-virus software” and “one of the programmers came as a tentacle.” Yeah. It’s a mine-field.

  2. It’s Fall/Winter! This means jackets, coats, and sweaters and, as I understand it, dark clothes. The problem for geek fashion here is that the jacket wagon is wide open, even accepting of what I’d call hipster-ware.

    I recall walking the streets of New York several years ago in February and marveling at all the black, wool thigh-length coats all the dashing folks wore. They look sharp, you bet: but, come on, the geek ware thing is more about peacock than fitting in.

    At any rate, the agenda item here is to get some good snaps of jackets, coats, and warm-covering combos that work and don’t work in geek-land. Feel free to send them in. I’m awaiting the short-sleave, conference shirt over the long-sleave shirt look: geek fashion straight outta the back wall at Target, buddy!

  3. Get my hair did. A few years ago, my friendly fashion advisor (see above) told me I needed to start using hair-gel. I had no idea what this meant and, indeed, feared it. I still have no idea what I’m doing in the morning when I stick a bunch of sticky goop in my hand and mess it up in my hair. Pursuant to that ineptness, I’ve decided I should take a picture of the resulting mess everyday and see what evolves.

    In addition to displaying my own ineptness with “product,” I’ll be on the lookout for those who’re more skilled than I.

Enough of this meta-content. Onto something real.

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Maggie Fox, Canadian social media mogul in the making, has invested. And wisely. Rather than attempting to step into the deep quagmire of female fashion reporting, I’ll  simply post the pictures and her email.



By email from Maggie.

The coat is Robert Rodriguez, wool & acrylic twill, purple 50’s  A-line-ish, cropped sleeves (now I’ll need to get long gloves…) with some cool modern touches including rounded pockets. I bought it because purple+50’s style = awesome; I seem to be endlessly drawn to 50’s-inspired coats (was there ever a better time for outerwear?). It was also stupidly expensive, but I had to have it because

a) I was cold and

b) it’s PURPLE and

c) the buttons look like big, foil-covered chocolates.

There’s also some military stuff going on with the piece just under the neck, which is okay but not something I completely dig – I find it a little odd to see people marching around in military-inspired gear if they’re not actually required to kill anyone.

DFOF has asked Maggie to join the ranks of the editorial team.


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Thingamy’s threads.

Sig, founder of Thingamy  is no slouch. 


sig 1 



Hankerchief lifts the blazer.



Crisp, elegant, polished  and perfectly put together.


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Geek jackets


Tim O’Reilly in the old brown cord jacket. Coolness. Not sure about the belt though. (photo Marilynpratt)

Hugh MacLeod of GapingVoid.com

Hugh Macleod, classic blue Levi red tab denim. (photo whiteafrican)


James Governor of Redmonk looking sartorial, smart grey two pocket, three button jacket, high cut. Dan matching his shirt and bag alarmingly closely. James and Dan may be related. Photo Cote

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