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Recently on one of my travels while I was waiting at the gate for my flight home from Stockholm, this guy sat down opposite me. There was something about him which made me look up. A nerdy coolness. Geeky perfectionism if there is such a thing in fashion. (Or maybe it was just the red socks?)

His second hand or well used red leather attache with matching red socks.
The horn rimmed glasses.
The knitwear with the suit.
The suit jacket which was longer than the winter jacket he was wearing.
The colour of the winter jacket which wasn’t perfectly matching that of the suit or the sweater.
When he pulled out a 13,3″ MBP, I was in love.

I still cannot make up my mind if this is something he put together effortlessly, having done it like that his whole life, or if he actually spends time putting together a look. Wish I had gone over and talked to him, instead of just secretly shooting a picture with my iPhone.


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I was in LV last week for a conference at which some people paid money to sit around and listen to me talk. More interestingly, however – I brought you some pictures of fashion, Vegas Style!

There seem to be two, seemingly opposite, components to the basic Vegas fashion calculation:
#1 Superfly

Bernini clearly caters to your inner (or outer) gangsta. Matching silk shirts and (short!) ties, fur-trimmed car coats and man minks (which I was told I could not take pictures of because “There are security cameras, and the owner doesn’t like it when we let people take pictures. A lot of people ask this question.” Buddy – you get asked this question because regular humans cannot believe that you are selling these coats to anyone. These were on display in a regular mall, people – right beside the Nikelodeon store). So I took a picture from outside and ran away. Sadly, it didn’t work out, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

#2 The Big Lebowski
This is Danny – and Danny has style. A style all his own.

Note the lightweight cotton pants paired with the authentic Hawaiian shirt and black vintage 80’s parachute jacket with patterned shoulders. Combine that with winged, beach-bum, bleached blonde, highly pampered hair and you have what I call “The Big Lebowski Does Vegas”. Danny definitely has something going on – and given the abhorrent preponderance of baggy athletic shorts and worn-out grey t-shirts in the casinos, American men everywhere could do worse than emulating Danny’s laid-back style; at least he looks like he’s trying.

Finally, in an update to a previous post in which I broke up with designer Marc Jacobs because of his crap knitwear, here’s a picture of his store in the Forum Shopping Arcade:


You’ll be pleased to know, Dear Readers, that I remained resolute and walked on by, unlike the rest of these suckers. Take that, Marc Jacobs!

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I bought this very pouffy Marc by Marc Jacobs red wool cardigan (with an almost Elizabethan raised collar and cropped sleeves) in San Francisco while I was supposed to be attending the Office 2.0 Conference this past September. I haven’t really spent that much time in SF, so the whole sunny/freezing/foggy/sunny/freezing thing was a bit new to me. Therefore I was (at times) under-dressed on this particular trip and legitimately needed something warm to wear. Of course I went to Neiman Marcus rather than the Gap, in keeping with my tradition of buying really expensive stuff while on business trips. Because I am an idiot.

I ended up spending about three hours in NM, finally settling on this sweater and a few other things, which necessitated the additional purchase of two ties for my husband as a guilt gift. Do you see how these things snowball? (More to come on the ties – and tie-tying in general – in a future post).

Did I mention that I bought this sweater about eight weeks ago? I believe I’ve worn it approximately six times – most recently to the October Toronto Girl Geek Dinner.

Exhibit A


Please note the pilling. The PILLING (sorry for the blurry snap – it’s surprisingly hard to take a picture of your own arm). I hate this so much I can’t even speak – I would take it as my due if I’d paid $13 for this at Old Navy or somewhere similar. “Serves you right,” I’d say to myself, “For buying cheap crap clothing made by sweatshop slaves. You deserve pilling – and worse.” And then I’d sprint to the nearest luxury goods store to wash the cheap feeling off my skin. BUT – wait a minute, I paid the equivalent of a weeks’ rent for this cardigan. At Neiman Marcus. Which translates into a cost-per-wear that is completely unacceptable.

So here’s what I have to say to you, Marc Jacobs – your knitwear sucks. No amount of delicious styling can cover up garbage quality, and therefore I’m done with you. It’s over. Don’t call, don’t write – we’re DONE.

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