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Recently on one of my travels while I was waiting at the gate for my flight home from Stockholm, this guy sat down opposite me. There was something about him which made me look up. A nerdy coolness. Geeky perfectionism if there is such a thing in fashion. (Or maybe it was just the red socks?)

His second hand or well used red leather attache with matching red socks.
The horn rimmed glasses.
The knitwear with the suit.
The suit jacket which was longer than the winter jacket he was wearing.
The colour of the winter jacket which wasn’t perfectly matching that of the suit or the sweater.
When he pulled out a 13,3″ MBP, I was in love.

I still cannot make up my mind if this is something he put together effortlessly, having done it like that his whole life, or if he actually spends time putting together a look. Wish I had gone over and talked to him, instead of just secretly shooting a picture with my iPhone.


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Sublime elegance from Xavier of Geneva.  DFOF has met him on a number of occasions, but alas, without a camera.  DFOF stole one on this particular evening in Stockholm, but you will agree it was in a good cause.

Here,  at the end of a very long day, Xavier  immaculate  in an  ‘old’  Corneliani Suit.   Please note the cuff length. He obeys the first rule of suitdom;  make sure it fits.  The starched but unbuttoned cuffs add a deft touch,  finished off with a neatly tied scarf.

He takes the DFOF award for the Most  Sartorially Adept  IT project manager.

And here, the perfect winter boot, in this case from Prada. A blot in the copybook as they could do with a shine, but in Xaiver’s defence, he’d walked through the worst that a late November Stockholm  could throw at him. Also the carpet wasn’t his fault. Note the sock length – no winter shins peeking out here, even though the legs are crossed.

DFOF is attempting to snare him as the French speaking correspondent. 

By the way, Xavier’s project was a great success with ROI galore, but that would be for a different blog. 

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DFOF is impressed with the humour of Loic’s new hire at Seesmic, Vinvin. His  Bonjour America vlog  is seriously funny.


Typical french business look, dark blue suit, straight and narrow trouser, narrow suit lapels. White shirt, subdued, relatively narrow tie. Conservative but elegant.

The shirt, though, is too long in the sleeves, and is a little loose around the collar.


The America meets France and the socks are the ocean comment  is up there with Eric Cantona and the Seagulls.

DFOF wishes Seesmic success and riches.

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The evil tennis sock

DFOF spies at work at Colgate.


Tennis socks are fine for tennis, but DFOF recommends they remain as close the tennis court as possible, and that they should, by law, only be sold to people who can prove they own a tennis racquet. Combined with polyester pants that are heading towards a health warning in terms of tightness, this look is plain evil.

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Bavarian Geekery


Traditional Bavarian attire makes an appearance at the teched community day.  (Tracht)  When worn by a real Bavarian this is particularly sartorial. Tribal, really. Traditional garb is having something of a revival down there in deepest southern Germany, and DFOF thinks this is a fine thing. Excellent rebellion against the imperialism of the chino. (see right)



There must be some profound historical reason for the socks, but DFOF can’t think of one. (The natty  pin stripe suit and tan shoes to the left are also to be admired.)


Also, It doesn’t travel well.( Thinguy via cote..)

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