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Recently on one of my travels while I was waiting at the gate for my flight home from Stockholm, this guy sat down opposite me. There was something about him which made me look up. A nerdy coolness. Geeky perfectionism if there is such a thing in fashion. (Or maybe it was just the red socks?)

His second hand or well used red leather attache with matching red socks.
The horn rimmed glasses.
The knitwear with the suit.
The suit jacket which was longer than the winter jacket he was wearing.
The colour of the winter jacket which wasn’t perfectly matching that of the suit or the sweater.
When he pulled out a 13,3″ MBP, I was in love.

I still cannot make up my mind if this is something he put together effortlessly, having done it like that his whole life, or if he actually spends time putting together a look. Wish I had gone over and talked to him, instead of just secretly shooting a picture with my iPhone.


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Geek jackets


Tim O’Reilly in the old brown cord jacket. Coolness. Not sure about the belt though. (photo Marilynpratt)

Hugh MacLeod of GapingVoid.com

Hugh Macleod, classic blue Levi red tab denim. (photo whiteafrican)


James Governor of Redmonk looking sartorial, smart grey two pocket, three button jacket, high cut. Dan matching his shirt and bag alarmingly closely. James and Dan may be related. Photo Cote

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