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Best Dressed at Le Web

Marissa Mayer from Google gets the vote for me. Black, grey and grey combo whilst Loic went for the velvet jacket approach. Most of us were wearing overcoats, scarves and anything than offered warmth in the cavernous ex morgue.

David Galbraith’s post at GigaOm captured the mood and fashion nicely – lots of French folks taking inspiration from Zoolander for their outfits.

photo credit xtof


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Microsoft and fashion

Occasional DFOF contributor Steve Clayton alerted us to the Microsoft foray into apparel, and it has been covered by the broader fashion blogosphere. and tech types too.

DFOF supposes that if Camel and Caterpillar can be used to sell clothing, then why not other brands? There are enough geeks out there would would like to own t-shirts with DOS on them. DFOF can think of several of his friends who would love one. 



Microsoft is having some fun with this.


DFOF reckons that Microsoft would be best keeping this to tee-shirts. The brand would be a flop in the undergarment department.

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